Why Music Is Important When Living In Africa  

1In the continent of Africa there are so many types of African music and most of these music varies depending on which part of the continent that visitors are visiting to, some music in parts of the African continent resembles the music in most western cultures but there are also some parts of Africa that still plays and listen to traditional African music. Some of these traditional African music have been handed down from generation to generation of Africans and have been composed for hundreds of years, most of these musicians have various concerts that they are doing in different parts of the African continent in which their concert music varies from traditional to modern African music.


Certainly a number of these concerts are advertised through various media like posters which can be shown in various public areas and they can also be advertised on the radio and tv media around the continent, and it is important for these Africans to visit these concerts so that they can learn the value of their traditional music and its importance to their culture.


These African concerts are very interesting and also interactive and the traditional Naija Music is very different compared to European classical music, it has various African drums and also other African instruments which can make the music sound very ethnic and also special. The African instruments in the traditional African music are played in a different manner compared to the classical European music, they vary because in African music it has the same rhythm all throughout the musical piece while the African music the instrument is played with different types of rhythms at the same time during the musical piece.


The old traditional African music from Afrisounds has also so many singers that they can use in singing their traditional style of music in the group, these singers can try and sing as a group and they can also have a solo artist which they can sing together with emotion during their performance in the concert. Most of these African instruments are mostly made of various kinds of traditional materials that are made up from various materials like trees and also skin and bone from animals, most of these materials can be made into various drums because they make the best sounds for a drum.


The most famous African percussion instrument is called the talking drums which have different kinds of variations in the pitch which can make different drums sounds for the artists, the African music can also use other great instruments like the bows, lyres and harps which can create a good sounding music. These traditional African music can truly help various Africans from all around the world to value their traditional music and share it to other people. Visit http://www.ehow.com/list_6806926_african-musical-instruments.html to learn about African musical instruments.

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